Yours and Mine

So Beyonce dropped yet another artistic gem on us today, a short retrospective film celebrating her ground breaking self titled album, Beyonce.

Let me first say this, because although I stan for Beyonce I’m fully aware that not everyone is a fan of her. Whether you are a fan or not, you must accept and appreciate that she is one of the greatest artists of our time and all time, numbers don’t lie.

With that being said, Yours and Mine is for lack of a better word, beautiful. Of course beautiful in the sense of bare faced Beyonce looking godly in close up shots that the most caked face woman wouldn’t dare attempt. But what is even more beautiful is the intimacy. Regardless of her royalty, Beyonce reminds us of the true values in life that everyone takes for granted. Yours and Mine is a short film that could be a daily inspiration to ignore the fear of loving yourself and allowing yourself to love others.

I live for expression. Nothing is more valuable than human beings connecting through empathy. Beyonce has a great way of using her talents and fame to draw people in through her personal experiences and connect us. Yours and Mine is a prime example.




Last night I had the privilege of attending the screening for Top Five, starring Chris Rock and produced by the diamond duo, Jay and Kanye. Being a Chris Rock fan myself (I mean really who isn’t?), and after peeping the trailer, I knew this was a must see for me. The ancient barbershop debate of the greatest top five MC’s was enough to catch my attention, and obviously I assumed this would be the theme of the movie.


I was wrong in a good way. Top Five is surprising, refreshing, hilarious and full of classic scenes that are bound to be remembered long after its availability on Netflix. How could it not be with the number of legendary cameos involved. Just to name drop a few co-stars (key word few), Kevin Hart, Cedric the Entertainer and Tracy Morgan, all starred in this cinematic adventure, and their characters do not disappoint as usual.

True to Chris Rock’s nature, expect comedy layered over personal issues, political stand points, artistic struggles and “rigorous honesty”. Quick warning, there are some scenes that push the limits…remember two words, HOT SAUCE. But I would definitely see it again, and I rate it up there with my top movies easily.



So yesterday whilst Basel-ing in the heart of Wynwood off of 23rd st and 2nd ave, I stumbled upon a foodies all time favorite sighting, a new food truck.  Food trucks have been running Wynwood for some time. I know I don’t speak for myself when I say that they are a blessing when walking out of any bar, club, event or your average getty with intense munchies and a gag reflex at the mention of a fast food menu.

Lone Wolfe has only been on the Wynwood streets for about 2 weeks. I had the pleasure of meeting the cool and talented chefs that run this creative habitat on wheels. First of all, who doesn’t love burritos and tacos? Lone Wolfe takes on Mexican classics with a twist. Last night some of the food fusion was Asian inspired, but these guys just have fun with it so I wouldn’t be surprised to see other combos whipped up.

Additions like the peanut sauce, or the pineapple mango chutney (my personal fave) are different and delicious. Try the jerk tacos too, trust me.

Wynwood Welcomes Lone Wolfe

Wynwood Welcomes Lone Wolfe

lone wolfe menu steak burrito



Last night’s prolonged announcement refusing to indict Darren Wilson for the tragic shooting of Michael Brown has left America’s people outraged and disappointed yet again in the justice system.

Injustice leaves us with a feeling of betrayal. Injustice makes us question our freedom, freedom gratified in red, white and blue colors hoisted across our country that have now become a symbol of fear and distrust among many citizens.

Injustice also serves as an opportunity to come together and stand tall against oppression. Cities have joined arms in several expressions of protests, from riots to a 4.5 minute laying protest to honor victims like Michael Brown, left dead in the streets for 4.5 hours.

Miami, you also have the platform to join in numbers rather than retweets and voice your discomfort in the way the justice system has neglected humanity.


Gernstein Justice building
1351 NW 12st
6 pm TODAY - 11/25