Future’s 2017 Releases: Future & HNDRXX

Dropping two albums within a week of each other? Yup. Sounds like Future Hendrix! These past two weeks have been music overload with the release of Future on 02.17.17 and HNDRXX releasing a week after. Both releases are quite the opposite of each other with Future leaning towards the trap side and HNDRXX being a more R&B/Pop driven project.

Future and HNDRXX both include 17 tracks and the internet already took to cracking jokes about their inability to start learning 17 additional tracks once they heard of the release of HNDRXX days after the release of Future. 

Twitter Twitter1


Future gives us the side of Future that we all know and love. The project gives off a somber feeling with splashes of up-beat rhythms that are sure to get us going when it’s time to go out and paint the town.

My top 5 tracks of this project include: Rent Money, Super Trapper, Mask Off, I’m so Groovy, and Massage in My Room.


HNDRXX unlike Future includes radio friendly content. This specific project shows us a side of Future that is rarely heard. Some tracks off this project give off an electric vibe with sounds contrasting to the usual Future sound. Future gives us a more genuine taste and a look inside of his emotions.

My top 5 tracks of this project include: Comin Out Strong, Use Me, Incredible, Hallucinating, and I Thank U.

What are some of your favorite tracks?

Trap God Tour in the 3 OH 5!

Trap God Tour in the 3 OH 5!

Word on the street is that the Trap God aka G u c c i M a n e  is going on tour! Here at Now Never Inc. we teamed up with the Fillmore to give you guy’s first dibs on tickets! Gucci is set to hit the stage on May 2nd so you don’t want to slack off because this show will be one for the books.

Since his release Gucci has given us two albums that can keep us rockin’ all night long, Everybody looking and The Return of The East Atlanta Santa. I’m positive that along these albums we’ll hear the Trap God classics as well.

Pre-sale tickets go on sale today at 10AM & tickets for the public go on sale Friday so head on over to fillmoremb.com to cop them. We have a very special password for our pre-sale tickets that you can ONLY find on the @NowNeverInc Instagram page, so what are you waiting for? Make sure to follow us too as we might give away a pair of tickets to some lucky fans.


One Night Only: Los Angeles Edition

*Photos by Katherine Rosario*

This past weekend #TeamNOW decided to make their way to Los Angeles to start off our 2017 tour. We took over the city by hosting festivities and one of those happened to be our “One Night Only” party at The Study on Hollywood blvd.



We had the party in full swing thanks to our awesome DJs, Them Jeans, ASAP Lou, Jun-iLL, and LTENGHT. By midnight the crowd was swarmed with sweat as they were dancing and enjoying the dope music sets.



1NO 3

Los Angeles truly captured our hearts as the crowd was just as lit if not more than our Miami crowd. By the end of the night the dance floor was packed, the bar was in full throttle pouring everyone’s drinks away, and Norma and her gang were right along with them every step of the way. If you want to check out the recap video go straight to our @NowNeverInc Instagram & let us know what you think! What city should we hit up next??




Crowd 2


Crowd 4

Crowd 5 Crowd 6 Crowd 7 Crowd 8


P.S Since yesterday was President’s Day we have a special message to Donald Trump:


Jameson Cratemates Showcase 02.18.17

Jameson Crate Mates Flyer

Join us this Saturday at a secret location for the Jameson Cratemates DJ collective for an exclusive showcase featuring some really dope DJs.

Check out this sweet collective on Saturday, February 18th, 2016 from 9PM-2AM in the @leahartsdistrict. If your into off the beaten path events, this showcase is for you! Find this dope event behind the #flamingoplaza in the leah.

This showcase features some of the coolest South Florida artists such as Louie Arson, DJ Sharp Sound, DZA 3000, DJ Aliyo, Mr. Manuvers, and DJ Boe. Alongside this showcase they have an awesome live art installation by Marlon Pruz.

Crate Mates

This event is 18+ and to RSVP just go to this link: http://cratemates.eventbrite.com/

#OnlyInHialeah #HialeahNow #JamesonCratemates 

Redbull Sound Select Feb. 23rd-25th

We’ve teamed up with Redbull to bring you a weekend of dope music with some really cool artists. 3 Days in Miami is back and bringing the heat with their line up. Tickets are only $15, so cop them soon before you’re out of luck! link here: https://3days.redbullsoundselect.com/2017/miami #RedbullSoundSelect

3 days




For all of our alternative/indie folks we’ve got the perfect line up for you. Angel Olsen, Charlotte Day Wilson, and Bernice bring the perfect combination of soul and rock that are sure to complement each other. If you are interested in hearing some of their work click on the links below.






We’ve got Goldlink, Pell, and Miami’s own Twelve’len get together for a HipHop/R&B packed night at The Hangar. Vibes from Goldlink’s Crew, Pell’s Got It Like That, and Twelve’len’s Naked Hustle guarantee a soulful night. Check the links below for their work.






These artists give electric soul a new meaning. Kelela, Harriet Brown, and Miami’s own Brika all three bring simple yet creative and powerful sounds. Click on the links below to check out their work!




I Decided Album Analysis + Contest Details


Big Sean’s fourth studio album I Decided dropped and I can’t be the only one who is amazed by how good this album is. I Decided gives us a fresh perspective on life, choices, regrets, and love – from the outlook of Big Sean’s older self we learn how it is to look back on one’s younger self and realize we only live one life and how the choices we make today will affect us tomorrow.

The album starts off with “Light” ft Jeremih which basically stands for the light that is inside Big Sean himself. Sometimes we get so caught up trying to find meaning in life through material things, people, and objects that we forget that the true meaning is within ourselves, we just have to take the time to find it.

 “Spent my whole life trying to find what’s at the end of the tunnel, I should have realized it was inside.

Once we realize that our purpose is within ourselves we “Bounce Back” – the next song on the album. The song is pretty much self-explanatory as the chorus repeats, “Last night took an L but tonight I bounce back.” Human beings are prone to make mistakes and “L’s” but it is the bounce back that matters as to how we handle un-wanted or unforeseen situations.

“No Favors” offers a more cocky side of Big Sean. A side of him that we see once he has made mistakes, bounced back, and realized what he is worth. He is more confident in this song and understands what he brings to the table without any favors from anybody. At this point he also realizes that not everybody is his friend.

 “You can save your hand, I ain’t gotta shake it.”

“Jump Out The Window” hits home to most of us. This is the “almost” or the “what if” relationship or emotional affair we have encountered once or twice in our life. Whether it was due to right person wrong time syndrome or the mere fact that one was in a relationship or both were. This song perfectly reflects Big Sean’s older self’s thoughts on his what if girl – now he’s ready to jump out the window and go for the person he truly loves.

“Way back then we the best thing that never happened.”

The next song on the tracklist “Moves” is about how Sean has the ability to push forward and continue on his rise to the top.

 “I got the moves, I’m making moves, you gotta move.”

“Same Time, pt 1” reminds me of that one person you will never be in a relationship with but you just can’t leave them alone. This is the person that is reliable for one thing and one thing only. Their story together is usually not as smooth as it seems and sometimes they never get closure from each other.

“Owe Me” shows us a different side of Sean, a more committed version of his young self. Owe me speaks about a girl he was in an actual relationship with. A girl who broke his heart despite everything he gave her. A girl who got her walk, talk, and demeanor from him. He realizes that his ego was the problem in his relationship and how self-realization is the biggest healer of them all.

“Halfway Off The Balcony” starts his self-realization journey. We have all been to that point where we nitpick everything that is not right within our life and ourselves. Self-realization is important to human beings because it allows us to fix the things we do not like and to better ourselves.

“Voices In My Head” speaks to all of us when we start to do better in life and we catch ourselves slipping up. The voices in our head tell us we know better but we choose not to know or we decide to not do better.

 “Stick to the plan, stay focused.”

“Sunday Morning Jetpack” is the feel good song on I Decided. Sean reminisces on his grandmother and his family. Giving kudos to his mother + God, he understands that without those closest to him he would not be in the position he is now.

“Inspire Me” is a song dedicated to Sean’s mother. It’s a beautiful song within itself because as we are younger we do not appreciate our parents as much as we should. As Sean is older now he notes that his mother inspires him and that she does the right thing.

 You text me, tell me to take my vitamins.”

“Sacrifices” ft Migos is a more upbeat song on the album. Also, what is a life lived if no sacrifices were made? Sacrifices are a big part in shaping who we are because it shows what we prioritize in life. Big Sean’s older self emphasizes that he sacrificed a multitude of things for his career and money.

 “I done gave up so much free time knowing time ain’t free.”

The last song on the album is “Bigger Than Me”. In this particular track Sean realizes that life is bigger than him. He now states how he wants his city, and the people living in his city to be proud of him. This track shows Sean as less selfish and more thoughtful on how other people look at him and the impact that he has on his community.

Personally, this album to me was one of his best works. The theme and flow of the tracks came together so effortlessly. The messages that came across this album are messages that everyone should hear and think about. We are all going to be older versions of ourselves one day and we will be in the same position to think about the lives we choose to carry now. This album was a thought provoking piece that makes you think outside of the box and makes you excited for the future.


We’ve partnered up with the Fillmore Miami Beach to bring you guys a chance to win tickets to Big Sean’s tour on April 20th.

Re-create Big Sean’s I Decided album cover & post to your Insta to win tickets to his concert. Make sure to follow @NormaNow & @NowNeverInc and subscribe to our newsletter! Once you have subscribed make sure to send a screenshot over to wynee@normanow.com. We will pick the best cover so get creative & don’t forget to hashtag @NowOrNeverInc. Contest ends this Wednesday 2.8.17, good luck!


New Years Eve Weekend 2017

Is it just me or has the first week of 2017 been better than all of 2016? Regardless, New Years Eve with Norma Now was a ridiculous finale for the year with a party happening everyday of the weekend.

12.30.16 Peachfuzz:

Peachfuzz was hosted at Basement Miami and as the last Peachfuzz of the year it did not disappoint. Roctakon & DZA3000 supplied the sultry tunes and vibes for the night. As soon as the vibes started, the honeys came out to play!




On top of our favorite DJ’s rocking the house, we had Bellagio supply the dranks! If you do not know about Bellagio then STEP YA GAME UP! (jk, but not really). Bellagio is a delicious wine that will bring all the boys to your yard, ladies.




Your girls favorite party left everyone turnt plus sweaty by the end of the night. It was a great start to Norma’s 3 day weekend celebration!

12.31.16 One Night Only:

S/o to Coyo Taco for letting us take over for New Years! We had a blast and so did everyone else. As soon as the clock struck midnight every corner you turned there was either someone dancing on a table or kissing on their boo for their special new year kiss! We had our awesome friends LteNight and Jun ILL carry the night into 2017 with their crazy sounds.





One Night Only was one of the FEW free parties in Wynwood. In addition, Bellagio pulled through with MORE drinks. Yes, you read that correctly FREE LIQOUR. All in all it was the perfect ending to 2016 – Norma and Coyo Taco brought us a bomb and intimate fiesta!




1.01.17 SUNDAZE:

What’s Sunday without SUNDAZE? 2017 started off to a solid start with an extremely successful Sundaze. We saw a lot of new faces + our familiar faces all mingling and interacting with each other for the celebration of the new year!





Sundaze was the icing on the cake for the littest weekend in 2016! We hope everyone continues to have a great 2017 and be on the look out for more projects coming from Norma Now and Now or Never Inc!!

12 Hours of NAAFI at Coyo Taco 12.1.16


Miami Art Week is hands down the craziest Miami can get. The streets are packed, the galleries are full, the parties are over the top, but it’s all worth it. The main attraction, Art Basel, brings out so many tourists and locals who have been working year-long just for this week. Of course with so many installations and parties, the schedule gets hectic, and choosing the right events gets tricky. Being more into the music side of things, the concerts, showcases, and parties are more my steeze. Red Bull Music Academy always delivers by bringing a line-up of artists and DJ’s that stand out from cookie-cutter, mainstream music. This year, they brought us 12 Hours of NAAFI:  a 12-hour party highlighting some of the dopest underground DJ’s and artists from Mexico. Think of it as a festival, packed in one day, under the roof of a small tequila bar in Wynwood. While the rest of the city was running around in the rain, once I stepped into Coyo, I completely forgot about the hassle of trying to find parking for nearly an hour. Inside, the red glow from the Xipe Totec neon sign is in tune with the beats blasting as Jubilee spins. Everyone inside is sweating their asses off, having the best time and just smiling from ear to ear. It’s very infectious and hard not to immediately get into the groove with the energy inside. Tacos are being passed out, which is the only time the dancers stop to take a break. It really feels like you’re in someone’s back yard–great music, food, tequila shots, and nothing pretentious about this scene. Jubilee, a Miami-bred DJ, manages to get us in rhythm with the theme of the night, combining latin vibes with club music. It works, and I, along with my friends, are soon dancing with everyone else. At one point I took a break, leaned against the wall and scanned the room. People dancing off beat, on beat — it didn’t matter. Everyone was having such a good time laughing and cheering friends on who were breaking it down on the dance floor. I couldn’t help but feel good and feel comfortable. RBMA brought together an event that was about inclusion during what some might consider a “invite-only” kind of week. The limited edition take-home bag designed by SANGREE was an added bonus, to an already amazing event. *Photo Creds: TheCameraClicks and Stacey Gamble*




*Photos Courtesy of Kathy Rosario, The Cue Brand, and Chris Squires*

Art Basel 2016 was another one for the books and NowOrNever Inc invaded downtown Miami and left its mark Saturday night. NormaNow brought the legendary Trap Paradise party back for Art Basel’s rendition called Basel Paradise.  Also one of our amazing sponsors Lyft was kind enough to provide 300 free rides to and from the venue!! Yes 300 people were lucky enough to get lit and lyft!






Hosted at Heart nightclub this event had many elements that came together to make for an unforgettable night. We had an exclusive VIP  Gunner Stahl exhibition in our LYFT LOUNGE from 9pm-12am with an open bar from our lovely sponsors New Amsterdam, Heineken, and Courvoisier. After the exhibition, doors opened and we flooded the second floor of Heart ready to get the party started.






Basel Paradise was nothing short of lit. We had DJs like Kittens, Brittany Sky, Ivan M/M and others light up the dance floor all night long. Special appearances by DC young fly, Lajan Slim, 40oz VAN, Reese, Sonny Digital, Corey from Vintage Frames, Sarah Synder, Chaz French, Pedro from Fools Gold, ASAP LOU and Bobby Biscayne.






Basel Paradise closed out Art Basel in the best way we know how turnt and sweaty!! Thank you to everyone who came out, supported, and had fun. UNTIL NEXT TIME!



Norma Now’s Guide to Art Basel 2016

If you know anything about Miami you know Art Basel is the pre-game and introduction to the wild, celebratory month that is December. Art Basel shows up and shows out! People come from all over the world to experience the art that the city has to offer.

If you’re like us you know that you have to mentally prepare for the upcoming week but no worries! We have compiled a list of our favorite events for Art Basel 2016. Check them out below!

*We will be constantly updating the guide so check back often for more events*


Tuesday, Nov. 29

  1. Rum & Bass Block Party at COYO Taco at 7PM. Check out Walshy Fire and many others as they start Basel Week with a bang! For more details click here.
  2. Basement’s 2 Year Anniversary Party at The Edition Miami Beach. Celebrate two years of skating, bowling, and dancing with sets by Thugfucker, Doc Martin, Nicolas Matar, and Ahmed Hashim- hosted by The Haas Brothers.
  3. The Love Below Basel Edition at The Electric Pickle. This year, the guys are bringing Flamingosis to El Bolero Room alongside residents Louie Arson, Jun-iLL, Pazmal, and The Gamma Bot. As always, no cover! Doors open at 10PM with 2 for 1 drink specials until Midnight and $6 Jack Honey all night. 21+

 Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 3.42.37 PM

Wednesday, Nov. 30

  1. Shots! Fired Photo Exhibition at 12PM. Enjoy cocktails while seeing a variety of photography from unique artists. Sounds provided by local DJ’s such as Sean Bang and more! RSVP at thevisualsuspects.eventbrite.com 
  2. iii Points Art Basel presents 1-800- Dinosaur at Magic City Studios 10PM – 7AM. With James Blake, Airhead, Dan Foat, Klaus, and Mr. Assister. Tickets are $25-40
  3. Basel #AtTheAnderson – Get down at The Anderson with a DJ set by Mayer Hawthorne! Tix aren’t necessary.
  4. HIVE Basel Pop-Up Lounge – With all of the craziness that goes down during Art Week, it can be a little difficult to find some down time and breathe, so HIVE has got you covered! The pop-up lounge will be a place you can take a break at and unwind with a drink in hand (free when you RSVP) in the middle of Wynwood. Running from Wednesday to Sunday, there will be daily mixology presentations and DJs spinning well into the night. RSVP here.

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 3.44.04 PM

         Thursday, Dec. 1

  1. NAAFI at COYO Taco at 5PM. We teamed up with Redbull to bring you a 12 hour party in the midst of Art Basel. Special guests include Venus X, Jubilee, TygaPaw, and more! RSVP now while you still can.

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 3.45.15 PM

  1. III Points – Art Basel at Magic City Studios. III point presents Young Thug, Shlohmo, and Nick Leon. This is the perfect turn up before the weekend craziness gets to us! For more details click here.
  2. PAMM Presents: Cashmere Cat, Jillionaire, + Uncle Luke. At 9PM, celebrate art and music with sets by Cashmere Cat, Jillionaire of Major Lazer, and special guest Uncle Luke. This event is invite-only for sustaining members and above.
  3. Unknwn Miami Penthouse Pop-up – You’re cordially invited to Unknwn Miami’s pop-up shop at the Penthouse Suite at the Raleigh Hotel featuring sounds by Chase B, DZA, & friends! RSVP.
  4. Icecream x Peachfuzz x 143 – Thursday is ladies night at Sidebar and this time the weekly Icecream party is joined by the 143 and Peachfuzz homies! Sets by DZA, Induce, Louie Arson, Manuvers, Sharpsound, Sosupersam, & Spinser Tracy. Ladies drink for free 10-12. 337 SW 8 St. 21+

unknwn pent

Friday, Dec. 2

  1. Sites and Sounds Festival – a multi-sensory experience. Sites and Sounds will include live paintings, DJ sets, installation pieces, and even a VIP gallery. This festival is a one stop shop for all things creative. For more information click here.
  2. Swerve Basel – The Showcase. Check out “unplugged” performances by various artists including Twelve’Len, Ye Ali, plus more. Aside from these performances, you will be able to get a sneak peek at Vintage Stereon’s fall collection. Tickets
  3. 1AM Basel – Our girl YesJulz is taking over Cafeina in Wynwood. Performances by Gucci Mane, 070 Shake, to name a few. For tickets visit: 1AMVibes.com
  4.  Finessing IV The People – Miami’s largest urban arts and music fundraiser. All donations from this event will go to the Sowaseed foundation. This event will be hosted by Zoey Dollaz and DJ Stevie J. Finessing Miami and IV the People have designed a limited collection of hats that both represent urban art and celebrate Haitian culture. These hats are only available for a limited amount of time and come with the purchase of a VIP Admission ticket. Purchase tickets here.
  5. in FOCUS curated by 1800 Tequila + billboard – Check out hip-hop through the lens of photography by Cam Kirk, Gunner Stahl, Places + Faces with sounds by DJ Brittanky Sky & DJ Ohso. And enjoy a special after party performance by Rae Sremmurd at Up & Down at Nautilus Beach. RSVP to 1800infocus@billboard.com
  6. Dope Basel Presents Robb Bank$ w/ a special guest + OffRipCult at Heart Nightclub. Buy tickets here and one lucky guest will get a free t-shirt!
  7. The Dog Miami – High End Times & Peachfuzz are bringing out Brenmar, DZA, Sosupersam, Austin Millz, Jubilee, + other special guests to 1306! Free w/ RSVP, must be 21+
  8. Denzel Curry Presents The Vortex – In collaboration with The Satellite Art Show, Denzel Curry is bringing out hella special guests Friday and Saturday, including Poshtronaut, Nell, Zoey Dollaz, J.K. the Reaper, LTENGHT, Allan Kingdom, & more. Free w/ RSVP.

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 3.46.40 PM



Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 3.47.57 PM

Saturday, Dec. 3

  1. Basel Paradise at Heart Nightclub. Brought to you by ya girl NormaNow. Photography showcase + Sounds/Performances from very special guests! For tickets and more info click here!
  2. The Hook Up at 8and9 Showroom – Hosted by DC Young Fly. Featuring Curren$y, Smoke DZA, and Malc Stewy. For tickets click here.
  3. The Ritual – Moss Management + dopexgold + Erace the Hate Presents a night full of live sets by Jesse Boykins III, Twelve’Len, Austin Paul, and many more talented artists and DJs! It’s a rare event that’s 18+ at Chop Shop Wynwood. RSVP here; doors open at 7:30PM.
  4. iii Points Art Basel – As a part of iii Points’ Art Basel Concert Series, they are bringing out Nick Murphy (Chet Faker) and Mount Kimbie LIVE. Tickets are $40.
  5. Push St(art) Basel –  Miami’s Underground Hip-Hop clashes with Modern Art in this night full of fun performances by artist strictly from the 305 that include Caleb Kai, Ivan M/M, P.O.T.C, Tony Solar, FOR(MULA) & more. The Coloring Block, Mind Over Matter & TRIBE MIA bring you Push St(ART) FREE Event doors open at 10!
  6. Miami Viceland – Vice Media’s TV Channel, Viceland, is hitting Art Basel and is bringing Desus & Mero on the bus with them to party in Wynwood at 4:20PM. Check out some live art by AholSniffsGlue and party alongside Metro Boomin, Craze, Theophilus London, and Yes Julz. RSVP here, must be 21+




Sunday, Dec. 4

  1.           SUNDAZE X 40 OZ. Join us for a VERY special Sundaze as we close out Art Basel with our closest friends + special guests. You don’t want to miss it!
  2. Boom Basel by The FADER & Toyota – From 1-5PM, you can check out some art by Alexa Meade, FRKO, Mwanel Pierre-Louis, & Yung Jake while sipping on drinks by Matcha Bar. You can also get your nails did by Vanity Projects x Floss Gloss while vibing to DJ sets by Brenmar & Uncle Jxm (a.k.a. Slim Jxmmi from Rae Sremmurd). 21+ only, RSVP. #IdoTheNew

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 2.03.19 PM

If we missed an event or you think that your event is RSVP worthy send them over to me@normanow.com, ashnatareno@gmail.com, & wynee@normanow.com. WE GOT YOU! Have a fun and safe Basel!