2/6 LIFO Happy Hour at Monty’s

2/6 LIFO Happy Hour at Monty’s

On Friday, February 6th, LIFO will be hosting Happy Hour at Monty’s Raw Bar on S Bayshore Dr. from 6-9pm to celebrate their 30th Anniversary!

For those of you that aren’t all that familiar with LIFO, it stands for “Living Instruments For Others.” LIFO is a non-profit organization that creates community projects with volunteers for the underdeveloped towns of the Dominican Republic. The communities that lack potable water typically rely on the women and children of the town to travel to the nearest source of water, which is more often than not a polluted river that is dangerous to reach, and transport the water back home. This ultimately results with children missing school given that their number one concern and responsibility is survival. Focusing on water and education, LIFO organizes multiple trips throughout the year where volunteer groups travel to these towns with the goal of bringing clean drinking water by building aqueducts. Other projects also involve the construction of schools and a town hall.

During the summer of 2011, I was lucky enough to travel to the DR with LIFO to help build an aqueduct for the town of Los Polancos. It’s hard not to be corny when I say that trip changed my life, but it’s the truth. This wasn’t a trip where we stayed at a resort the whole time and then went to work for a few hours at the town. For about 12 days, our group experienced what life was like for those living in Los Polancos first hand. The men slept on cots at a nearby school and the women- since it was only three of us- slept on cots at one of the townspeople’s house. We used outhouses, rationed our water and the food that we brought from the U.S., and got our hands dirty by cutting rebar, mixing cement, and hiking to and from the water source. Living under those conditions and in such close quarters with everyone results in a special bond. I will never forget those in my volunteer group nor the Dominicans I had the pleasure of getting to know.

Well, that’s MY story…if you want to hear other people’s stories about their experiences with LIFO or if you want to get involved, I encourage you to hit Monty’s on the 6th and celebrate 30 years of LIFO with all the past, current, and future members.

WHEN & WHERE: Friday, Feb. 6th. 6-9pm. Monty’s Raw Bar 2550 S Bayshore Dr. Miami, Fl 33133




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