FIU’s Annual Summer Fest with Norma Now

Thursday, July 14th and it’s a beautiful day, the weather is clear, birds are chirping, the sun is out and there is a calm serenity around the FIU campus. At 7PM that peacefulness was interrupted by 3,000 students covered in foam, carrying glow sticks, raging to an amazing DJ set by Mummy, Dzeko & Torres, and G.T.A all while being hosted by our girl, Norma Now! The occasion was FIU’s annual Summer Fest and this year they reached out to Miami Native and yours truly Norma to host and keep the energy high all night.




Team Now arrived ready for an epic night of work and partying. During the calm before the storm you could find the team setting up the booth with banners supplied by Miami Sign Shop, and also collaboration Finessing/ #NOWORNEVER hats (S/O to Aldhair)! The students were flocking to the booth all night to get their Norma Now towels, glow sticks, and hats. And you cant party hard on an empty stomach so we even had Pizza on deck to keep the kids fed. Team Now had all the bases covered, so that everyone in attendance will remember the name! With Norma blessing the microphone (which we’ll be seeing more of in the future) the merch helped set the scene for an amazing night of raging. As the sun went down, and the music went up the #NOWORNEVER glow sticks were illuminating across the crowd. In other words Team Now had the campus LIT… Literally. Special shout out to Trippy Thick, Drea, Juniill, Rawkce, Linden, Tasheema and everyone else who helped make this day special!

All Photos By Apsi Photography

Watch the recap below by Sight Before Sound!

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 Also, lets not forget the dancing robots Norma had by her side that helped entertain the crowd. If you missed the event you sure did miss out on some serious fun just ask the 3k that came and left with memories that’ll last forever! Don’t worry though because there will be plenty more to come!


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