Kick Off Valentine’s Weekend with a Scream at O Cinema

Kick Off Valentine’s Weekend with a Scream at O Cinema

This Friday, February 12th, the Popcorn Frights Film Festival will host a special screening of Wes Craven’s Scream for it’s 20th Anniversary at O Cinema!

Kevin Williamson’s writing coupled with Wes Craven’s direction resulted in a film that was definitely ahead of it’s time but was also an instant hit. Released in 1996, the cult classic Scream follows Sidney Prescott, one of the strongest and most bad-ass female leads the horror genre has ever seen, who is being attacked by an unknown masked killer a year after her mother was murdered in Woodsboro, California.

I suggest you get there early because before Scream, there will be a quick screening of the short film “The Disturber” from writer/director Michael Vermaercke. AND… for all you super fans of the iconic slasher flick, the first 30 people to arrive will receive a special little gift ;)

The screening starts at 11PM and will be held at O Cinema’s Wynwood location- tickets are only $12

Bring bae and kick off Valentine’s Weekend with a scream!

RIP Wes 

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