We Welcome “The Greatest Day Ever” to Our City!

We Welcome “The Greatest Day Ever” to Our City!

Something BIG and very special is making its way to our wonderful city. I’m very proud to be apart of such a huge event and, literally, movement coming to MIAMI.

THE GREATEST DAY EVER is just that, your greatest day ever. You are familiar with our BEST DAY EVER, well this takes it to the 10000x degrees. With a similar vision, they aim to take adult field day to the next level. From the team who brings NYC its magical Brunch Bounce’s is something larger then life

The Greatest Day Ever! (TGDE) will take over Wynwood on Saturday, May 9th for an all day musical event with a carnival theme.

Irvin Benitez, the creator of New York’s BrunchBounce craze, debuted TGDE festival in New York in July of 2014.  The event was co-hosted by some of NYC’s hottest parties including, L’Palooza, Apt. 78, World Famous and Suave Haus.  The festival brought together the Hip-Hop and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) communities for a cross-genre affair.  From local food trucks, carnival games, DJs such as Brenmar, Pete Rock, Benzi and Sliink, they had festivalgoers dancing all day at Williamsburg Park in Brooklyn, NY.

Within the first hour of ticket sales being available, without mentioning an event location or artist line-up, TGDE sold 3,000 tickets in 55 minutes.  TGDE, with its immense social media presence and influence, became a trending topic throughout the United States. “It’s now time to bring TGDE to Miami and we couldn’t be more excited to give Miami another event to look forward to every year,” says Benitez.  “My team and I have created more than just a music festival, it is a true social experience for people that just want to let loose and have fun.  There is something for everyone at TGDE!”


Early bird tickets will be on sale Friday, January 30th at 12:00 p.m. for $25 and can be purchased online at TheGreatestDayEver.com

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