WELL, so we are all currently on the craze for the new H&M collection with Alexander Wang. California-born turned NY-resident, Wang currently designs for his own collections as well as serves as Creative Director of Balenciaga. I’m a self-proclaimed tomboy and Wang’s simplistic high-quality designs and fabric are right up my alley of relaxed fit with that designer touch.


I’m very much against designer collaborations with large retailers. From the Phillip Lim Target collection (i do have the purses though!) to the Versace H&M release from a few years ago, these short-term lower-quality releases are exposed to the masses and in a city as big as Miami end up on the backs of every other “fashionable” person in the scene. Thats where I’ve been apprehensive to news and coverage on the current A Wang release as well as keeping up with the details.

But…with the release dropping in a few hours I’ve found myself looking at all the pieces, making my choices and … planning with my friends to race to the nearest mall to achieve success in some highly planned purchases. Check out my picks below for my favorite items and if you’re on the search for these items…good luck!

You’re gonna need it.

  • Windproof Jacket, $199
    • T-Shirt Dress, $59.95
    • Top with Perforated Pattern, $149
    • Leather Bag, $199
    • Reflective Leggings, $59.95
    • Sports Bra Medium Support, $34.95
    • Fitted Dress, $99
    • Shorts with Liner Tights, $99
    • Jacquard-Knit Sports Tights, $59.95
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