NORMANOW Presents: PARADISE 2/19 #StayTuned

NORMANOW Presents: PARADISE 2/19 #StayTuned

The time has finally come.

I’ve been anxiously trying to find a home for my own monthly party in the recent months and we now have a place to call home. Taking my influences from Trap Paradise to my work as a promoter on South Beach – I decided to put all of heart into my own dedicated monthly party dubbed simply – Paradise.

Finally, I found a venue and a home where I can make the rules and make us feel at home. Something where all people are welcomed and we can all have good time. That means drink specials, that means girls are in FREE, that means talent and acts that have quality, that means great sound and production, organization, structure, and FREEDOM for what a party like Miami needs!

I’m so proud of this and I had to announce it to the World already! I’m keeping details locked down until we approach the date but just know you will want to get your tickets as soon as possible. I’m doing this for all my supporters and any/everybody who has ever come to any of my parties! Its going to be nuts and I’m so proud to invite you all! FINALLY, WE HAVE A HOME!

:) Welcome to Paradise.

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