#WCW in honor of Women’s History Month

W O M E N’ S H I S T O R Y M O N T H

Despite the fact that we ALMOST had a female president this year, women are still definitely taking over 2017. From the Women’s March in February to International Women’s Day, this year is full of women empowerment. Women are creating and becoming very influential in different categories that in the past seemed to be more of a man’s territory. From music, fashion, beauty and culture, I’m excited to see what else is in store for the rest of 2017! It is safe to say that this is OUR year so in honor of Women’s History Month here are some of my favorite brands and influencers making a buzz.


Rihanna x Fenty x Puma


 In late 2014, Rihanna announced her new partnership with Puma as Creative Director. Since then Rihanna has been killing the sportswear game. From ready to wear clothes, sneakers and slides, Rihanna has taken over the Puma brand! Her most anticipated piece from her collection seems to be the slides. It’s almost inevitable to hear Puma and Rihanna in the same sentence. She has also proven to be very beneficial to the brand by sparking a rise in Puma sales in 2016. This month, Rihanna introduced her satin bow collection in two color ways, silver pink and olive branch. The slides have already sold out online. Did you get a pair?


Teyana Taylor x Reeboks


 If you didn’t know Teyana Taylor has been running it before her sexy leading role in the Kanye West’s video “Fade” (shout out to that bod). Though Teyana Taylor has had past collaborations with sneaker brands Ewing Athletics, Adidas and Reeboks, early this year the Harlem native introduced her new partnership with the Reeboks brand. Teyana Taylor teased the re -release of the 1982 Reebok Classic Freestyle Hi collection in the images above. These fitness classics were distinctively designed for women and very fitting for that Teyana Taylor would be the one to introduce the bold and classic pair. These kicks are now available on Reeboks site just in time for the Spring. As a Harlem native myself, it’s good to see women from my neighborhood doing great things.

 Emily Oberg x Kith


My #WCW this month and possibly this year is former Complex producer Emily Oberg. In the beginning of the year, Emily Oberg made an announcement via Instagram that she was stepping down from her position of 3 years at Complex for her new endeavor with Kith Women as Creative Lead. She is also founder of her own label “Sporty & Rich” and also released merchandise and a magazine under the same name. Her Instagram feed has a simple “less is more” aesthetic that will force you to become one her 210,000+ followers. I’m excited to see her projects with Kith Women this fall. At only 23 years old Emily is already making her mark in the sneaker culture.


Nike Pro Hijab


Recently, Nike teased a new collection of Pro Hijab for female athletes who are Muslim. Though Nike’s new Hijab collection is targeted to encourage and support Muslim women to in the sports and fitness world, Nike has been received a lot of mixed reviews and backlash via social media. Some people have gone as far as trying to boycott Nike for the collection which is set to release in early 2018. One of the arguments circulating social media is that there were other companies who created an athletic Hijab a long time before Nike. In my opinion, Nike’s brand and platform is on a major scale which can potentially influence other huge brands and corporations to shed more light on athletic Muslim women. Is it good to see such a big brand like Nike finally step to plate or is it all for the fun of profit? All in all, the controversy behind Nike’s new collection has sparked conversations about Muslim women in the sports, fashion and political world all month long.


-Dieunine Anglade

Twitter/Instagram: @dieyou9 

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