soooo, you may ask yourself (or not) whats up with this new page Norma? What happened to 2DopeBitches? Are you blogging now or doing events? The answer is not so simple but the product is that I have decided to fully launch my site to build over time and invite YOU my followers, my public, my people – to see it build overtime – with me.

Coming from a writing background (I used to want to be a journalist) and then blogging full-time for years with – I’ve now transitioned to planning + coordinating events and running around the city trying to make cool things happen for Miami. As I realized that, “Hey, I kinda like this!” I knew I’d have to solidify me and my brand to move with agility and focus. Now, NormaNow is born!

This site isn’t meant to be a big site where I write full-blown articles on whatever is hot/fashionable/trendy right now – this is a hybrid between Tumblr and a personal blog where I can share my short interests in the form of a song I’m feeling or a video I love or extend on the other end and get personal with exclusive photos and journal entries on what I’m doing or thinking of.

I’m just a 25 year-old girl ,who feels like she’s still 13 in middle school, who’s trying to make an impact in Miami. I want to be able to show the rest of the country that Miami isn’t just what you see on South Beach or about nightclubs and popping bottles. It’s about cool events and concerts – it’s about creating experiences and memories that you will cherish with friends. It’s about enjoying the artists, singers, rappers, visuals, anything that YOU like but making it a reality and bringing it to Miami.

We have been held back enough. Theres a difference between South Beach and Downtown/Rest of The World and I’m here to show everyone – we all exist and we have power!

So follow my blog, follow my Twitter, follow my Instagram and let’s get this poppin’.

BY THE WAY – Can we just take a moment to look at the beautiful HEADER illustrator¬†Aileen Meneses created for me? She’s still in school grinding and one of the most talented people I’ve met (event if through the internet) lately. I’m honored to be drawn and visualized by her!¬†

Visit her website and cop some cool stuff from her! Support Artists!

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