Future’s 2017 Releases: Future & HNDRXX

Dropping two albums within a week of each other? Yup. Sounds like Future Hendrix! These past two weeks have been music overload with the release of Future on 02.17.17 and HNDRXX releasing a week after. Both releases are quite the opposite of each other with Future leaning towards the trap side and HNDRXX being a more R&B/Pop driven project.

Future and HNDRXX both include 17 tracks and the internet already took to cracking jokes about their inability to start learning 17 additional tracks once they heard of the release of HNDRXX days after the release of Future. 

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Future gives us the side of Future that we all know and love. The project gives off a somber feeling with splashes of up-beat rhythms that are sure to get us going when it’s time to go out and paint the town.

My top 5 tracks of this project include: Rent Money, Super Trapper, Mask Off, I’m so Groovy, and Massage in My Room.


HNDRXX unlike Future includes radio friendly content. This specific project shows us a side of Future that is rarely heard. Some tracks off this project give off an electric vibe with sounds contrasting to the usual Future sound. Future gives us a more genuine taste and a look inside of his emotions.

My top 5 tracks of this project include: Comin Out Strong, Use Me, Incredible, Hallucinating, and I Thank U.

What are some of your favorite tracks?

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