I’m excited to announce episode 2 of NOW RADIO  - This platform is an opportunity for you to get an idea of the musical tastes of Norma and #TeamNow affiliates!  You all know about the amazing parties but we also want to highlight an appreciation for music in general and the influence of DJ’s.  DJ’s play a special role daily by building up a vibe and energy for your night, car rides, workouts or just a chill night at home. NOW Radio will be used to show followers what Norma’s really dope DJ and producer friends do best. Which is of course playing amazing music but also giving insight into different genres and in a sense taking you on a journey through sound!  Also at the end of each episode I have a simple laid back, interview style conversation to get an idea of what inspires them and to just talk about the music.

This week we have DJ/Producer Louie Arson, from Miami. He really takes his time to work on his craft and put personal touches to perfect and deliver originality in his sets. This one was no different and you will be very impressed at how much work he put into the production of this mix. Plus the closing interview was hilarious and fun to record!

Im really proud of this episode and HUGE shout out to Pancho from Hometeam productions for being a dope ass producer and engineer as well as a sort of second host haha. Sit back and Enjoy!

Feedback in the comments section would definitely be appreciated! Also if theres any DJ’s you’d like featured on NOW Radio just leave a comment below and I’ll try to work some magic!

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