Social Media Tips Pt. 1

Social Media Tips Pt. 1

Hey Guys!

I’m writing this post to give you guys a couple of tips for better social media managing and marketing (focusing on Instagram & Twitter). Hope you learn a thing or two! ✌️

1. WRITE AN ENGAGING CAPTION. Whether it’s funny, witty, punny, or just plain out an eye catcher! A good caption can help a mediocre picture/post get more engagement, but a mediocre caption will not help a picture/post. Stray away from captions that are too long – your audience does not have a long attention span (remember, this is social media not netflix).

2. ENGAGE WITH OTHER ACCOUNTS. Social media is a 2-way street. If you comment and like on other accounts the chances of you getting comments and likes goes up. Also, when I say other accounts I mean accounts that are similiar to yours. Why would you have a cupcake page and comment on an automotive page? That would just be counter productive. You want to grow within your community first before trying to branch out.

3. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. This one seems like common sense but it is not. One meaningful and thought out blog post a week can be more valuable than 5 crappy written posts a week. Same with tweets, if you are just spewing out tweets like a AK-47 you are more likely to get muted by your audience. Make sure that the content you put out is WORTH putting out. Pay attention to what your audience likes and doesn’t seem to care for to get a better understanding of the content that matters to you and your business.

4. GIVE AUDIENCES A REASON TO FOLLOW YOU. Why should someone follow your social media page? That is the key component in attracting new followers AND retaining them. Share exclusive content, have giveways/contests, or post “behind the scenes”. Basically, find the reason you stand out from other competitors and what you can offer that they can not.

I hope these tips help you! Keep an eye out for part two!! – Wynee