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The Beginner’s Guide to Rolling Loud

So you’re headed to Miami for Rolling Loud and don’t know what to expect or pack? Now in it’s third year I guess you can call Rolling Loud “the Ultra for hip-hop”. Rolling Loud is an all day festival that allows show-goers to enjoy hip-hop during a span of three days. Below you’ll read what we think you should do before you hit Downtown Miami.

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*Picture from Ashley Outrageous*

STAY HYDRATED. It goes without saying at any festival but you don’t want to miss your favorite rapper(s) set time because you passed out in the midst of everyone and their weed smoke. Also, if you do smoke then you want to avoid cotton mouth – bring cash for those lengthy concession stand lines and get you some water!

PACK SMART. Miami is HOT so it goes without saying to leave the sweatpants and hoodies at home. Pack stylish comfortable clothes that you are able to get lit in and possibly crowd surf in throughout the day and keep you cool. Cheap sunglasses and fanny packs might also come in handy.

PACE YOURSELF. Remember it’s a marathon not a race. You have three full days to get “turnt” or as Gucci says “wasted”. EAT EAT EAT (bread does wonders). Don’t be that guy who is out of his mind and can’t function properly – this is not fun and your friends won’t appreciate you ruining their fun. Furthermore, your hangover might impede you coming back to day 2 or 3.

MAKE A GAME PLAN. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but you won’t be able to do it all. Weigh out the cons and pros of your favorite artists and come to terms that you will not be able to see them all. If you’re with friends set a meeting point at a certain time because let’s be honest your phone will probably be dead (portable chargers come in handy).

BE OPEN MINDED. Yes, their name might not be Lil Wayne or Kendrick Lamar but give these up and comers a chance to surprise you. You never know, you might leave Miami with a new favorite!

PLAN FOR TRANSPORTATION. Ubers and Lyfts will be going crazy the whole weekend. Understand that their surge pricing will probably be more than you are willing to pay for. Remember that lyft line is always a cheaper option. Whenever you are ready to call a lyft it will be useful to walk towards a more isolated area of the street to make your pick up faster and easier for you and your driver.

AFTER PARTIES. If you’re looking for something fun to do after the festival I know it’s tempting to fall into the tourist trap that is South Beach but Miami has other great places to it. Ignore the hassle that is calling your lyft and have a drink or two downtown. Wynwood and Brickell also have fun spots to party at as well! Also don’t miss our Rolling Loud after party at Sidebar called Hot-N-Fun! RSVP here:

Last but not least: