one night only

One Night Only: Los Angeles Edition

*Photos by Katherine Rosario*

This past weekend #TeamNOW decided to make their way to Los Angeles to start off our 2017 tour. We took over the city by hosting festivities and one of those happened to be our “One Night Only” party at The Study on Hollywood blvd.



We had the party in full swing thanks to our awesome DJs, Them Jeans, ASAP Lou, Jun-iLL, and LTENGHT. By midnight the crowd was swarmed with sweat as they were dancing and enjoying the dope music sets.



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Los Angeles truly captured our hearts as the crowd was just as lit if not more than our Miami crowd. By the end of the night the dance floor was packed, the bar was in full throttle pouring everyone’s drinks away, and Norma and her gang were right along with them every step of the way. If you want to check out the recap video go straight to our @NowNeverInc Instagram & let us know what you think! What city should we hit up next??




Crowd 2


Crowd 4

Crowd 5 Crowd 6 Crowd 7 Crowd 8


P.S Since yesterday was President’s Day we have a special message to Donald Trump:


New Years Eve Weekend 2017

Is it just me or has the first week of 2017 been better than all of 2016? Regardless, New Years Eve with Norma Now was a ridiculous finale for the year with a party happening everyday of the weekend.

12.30.16 Peachfuzz:

Peachfuzz was hosted at Basement Miami and as the last Peachfuzz of the year it did not disappoint. Roctakon & DZA3000 supplied the sultry tunes and vibes for the night. As soon as the vibes started, the honeys came out to play!




On top of our favorite DJ’s rocking the house, we had Bellagio supply the dranks! If you do not know about Bellagio then STEP YA GAME UP! (jk, but not really). Bellagio is a delicious wine that will bring all the boys to your yard, ladies.




Your girls favorite party left everyone turnt plus sweaty by the end of the night. It was a great start to Norma’s 3 day weekend celebration!

12.31.16 One Night Only:

S/o to Coyo Taco for letting us take over for New Years! We had a blast and so did everyone else. As soon as the clock struck midnight every corner you turned there was either someone dancing on a table or kissing on their boo for their special new year kiss! We had our awesome friends LteNight and Jun ILL carry the night into 2017 with their crazy sounds.





One Night Only was one of the FEW free parties in Wynwood. In addition, Bellagio pulled through with MORE drinks. Yes, you read that correctly FREE LIQOUR. All in all it was the perfect ending to 2016 – Norma and Coyo Taco brought us a bomb and intimate fiesta!




1.01.17 SUNDAZE:

What’s Sunday without SUNDAZE? 2017 started off to a solid start with an extremely successful Sundaze. We saw a lot of new faces + our familiar faces all mingling and interacting with each other for the celebration of the new year!





Sundaze was the icing on the cake for the littest weekend in 2016! We hope everyone continues to have a great 2017 and be on the look out for more projects coming from Norma Now and Now or Never Inc!!



“I lowkey wanna do a pop up party tonight… Just for fun.” 4/9/16 6:04PM.


With 1 tweet and a few collaborators we were able to turn a boring Saturday night into a popping pop up party for the 18+ up crowd. From the time DJ Jun_iLL tweeted the idea it took less than 4 hours to secure a Venue, DJ’s, bartenders/drinks and a few hundred party goers to bring the idea to fruition.

2 3

Norma and crew took to Twitter to let the people know what they had on their mind, and reached out for any help getting things in place for an amazing night. We’ve all experienced the “bored on a Saturday night” feeling, and Norma being the hospitable queen that she is made a fun night out of nothing. “One Night Only” was fun, comfortable and most importantly L I T. The Wynwood Warehouse Project (s/o to Danny) opened its arms and doors for us even though it was extremely short notice. Jun-iLL and LTENGHT supplied the music for the night, bouncing between trap and dance music. Also, this was a rare 18+ event in Miami for the youth to come and join the turn up. The end result was “One Night Only” having something for everybody, whether you were coming from Art Walk, wanting to chill/drink or turn up and dance the night away – we had you covered.

4 5 6

Hopefully this won’t be the last of these spontaneous events; “One Night Only” showed how we can pull strings together in a small amount of time to give the 305 a night to remember. Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this night special and flow just right. It’s only going to get better from here on out!