Your Miami Book Fair ’16 Guide Photo courtesy of Miami Book Fair

Your Miami Book Fair ’16 Guide

Before all the museum curators, photographers and artists of the world flock down south for the winter to celebrate Art Basel, Miami welcomes hundreds of authors, journalists and other literary idols for the 33rd edition of the Miami Book Fair!

The Miami Book Fair is a literary and cultural celebration full of entertaining and educational activities spanning over eight days (Sunday, November 13th – Sunday, November 20th) at MDC’s Wolfson Campus. From readings to signings, the amount of events taking place makes it impossible to hit them all, so I put together this guide to highlight some of the main events you must attend!

Photo courtesy of Miami Book Fair

Photo courtesy of Miami Book Fair

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“I lowkey wanna do a pop up party tonight… Just for fun.” 4/9/16 6:04PM.


With 1 tweet and a few collaborators we were able to turn a boring Saturday night into a popping pop up party for the 18+ up crowd. From the time DJ Jun_iLL tweeted the idea it took less than 4 hours to secure a Venue, DJ’s, bartenders/drinks and a few hundred party goers to bring the idea to fruition.

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Norma and crew took to Twitter to let the people know what they had on their mind, and reached out for any help getting things in place for an amazing night. We’ve all experienced the “bored on a Saturday night” feeling, and Norma being the hospitable queen that she is made a fun night out of nothing. “One Night Only” was fun, comfortable and most importantly L I T. The Wynwood Warehouse Project (s/o to Danny) opened its arms and doors for us even though it was extremely short notice. Jun-iLL and LTENGHT supplied the music for the night, bouncing between trap and dance music. Also, this was a rare 18+ event in Miami for the youth to come and join the turn up. The end result was “One Night Only” having something for everybody, whether you were coming from Art Walk, wanting to chill/drink or turn up and dance the night away – we had you covered.

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Hopefully this won’t be the last of these spontaneous events; “One Night Only” showed how we can pull strings together in a small amount of time to give the 305 a night to remember. Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this night special and flow just right. It’s only going to get better from here on out!


Kick Off Valentine’s Weekend with a Scream at O Cinema

Kick Off Valentine’s Weekend with a Scream at O Cinema

This Friday, February 12th, the Popcorn Frights Film Festival will host a special screening of Wes Craven’s Scream for it’s 20th Anniversary at O Cinema!

Kevin Williamson’s writing coupled with Wes Craven’s direction resulted in a film that was definitely ahead of it’s time but was also an instant hit. Released in 1996, the cult classic Scream follows Sidney Prescott, one of the strongest and most bad-ass female leads the horror genre has ever seen, who is being attacked by an unknown masked killer a year after her mother was murdered in Woodsboro, California.

I suggest you get there early because before Scream, there will be a quick screening of the short film “The Disturber” from writer/director Michael Vermaercke. AND… for all you super fans of the iconic slasher flick, the first 30 people to arrive will receive a special little gift ;)

The screening starts at 11PM and will be held at O Cinema’s Wynwood location- tickets are only $12

Bring bae and kick off Valentine’s Weekend with a scream!

RIP Wes 

We Welcome “The Greatest Day Ever” to Our City!

We Welcome “The Greatest Day Ever” to Our City!

Something BIG and very special is making its way to our wonderful city. I’m very proud to be apart of such a huge event and, literally, movement coming to MIAMI.

THE GREATEST DAY EVER is just that, your greatest day ever. You are familiar with our BEST DAY EVER, well this takes it to the 10000x degrees. With a similar vision, they aim to take adult field day to the next level. From the team who brings NYC its magical Brunch Bounce’s is something larger then life

The Greatest Day Ever! (TGDE) will take over Wynwood on Saturday, May 9th for an all day musical event with a carnival theme.

Irvin Benitez, the creator of New York’s BrunchBounce craze, debuted TGDE festival in New York in July of 2014.  The event was co-hosted by some of NYC’s hottest parties including, L’Palooza, Apt. 78, World Famous and Suave Haus.  The festival brought together the Hip-Hop and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) communities for a cross-genre affair.  From local food trucks, carnival games, DJs such as Brenmar, Pete Rock, Benzi and Sliink, they had festivalgoers dancing all day at Williamsburg Park in Brooklyn, NY.

Within the first hour of ticket sales being available, without mentioning an event location or artist line-up, TGDE sold 3,000 tickets in 55 minutes.  TGDE, with its immense social media presence and influence, became a trending topic throughout the United States. “It’s now time to bring TGDE to Miami and we couldn’t be more excited to give Miami another event to look forward to every year,” says Benitez.  “My team and I have created more than just a music festival, it is a true social experience for people that just want to let loose and have fun.  There is something for everyone at TGDE!”


Early bird tickets will be on sale Friday, January 30th at 12:00 p.m. for $25 and can be purchased online at TheGreatestDayEver.com



So yesterday whilst Basel-ing in the heart of Wynwood off of 23rd st and 2nd ave, I stumbled upon a foodies all time favorite sighting, a new food truck.  Food trucks have been running Wynwood for some time. I know I don’t speak for myself when I say that they are a blessing when walking out of any bar, club, event or your average getty with intense munchies and a gag reflex at the mention of a fast food menu.

Lone Wolfe has only been on the Wynwood streets for about 2 weeks. I had the pleasure of meeting the cool and talented chefs that run this creative habitat on wheels. First of all, who doesn’t love burritos and tacos? Lone Wolfe takes on Mexican classics with a twist. Last night some of the food fusion was Asian inspired, but these guys just have fun with it so I wouldn’t be surprised to see other combos whipped up.

Additions like the peanut sauce, or the pineapple mango chutney (my personal fave) are different and delicious. Try the jerk tacos too, trust me.

Wynwood Welcomes Lone Wolfe

Wynwood Welcomes Lone Wolfe

lone wolfe menu steak burrito