Best Day Ever with YG & 4 Hunnid ☀️

Best Day Ever can be described by some as one of the most fire pool parties Miami has ever seen. Norma Now and Yes Julz bring the heat every time they join forces and deliver the coolest party ever. Whether they bring special performances, dope DJs, and/or some good ol’ fashion water toys they know how to keep the party jumpin’. After our successful Winter Music Conference edition of Best Day Ever they decided to turn it up a notch: HOST BEST DAY EVER AT A MANSION WITH YG AND HIS CREW. The coolest thing about this party was is that it was invite only and it was at a secret location, because ya know we like to keep things mysterious.

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Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.17.36 AM

 Girls, Girls, Girls, oh Me oh My!!

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Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.05.32 AM

Not to mention we had our friend PartyNextDoor stop by and party with us!

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Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.09.47 AM

And as always, you know we would not be able to turn it up a notch without some exotic animals.

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Best Day Ever with YG & 4 Hunnid was definitely one for the books. We hope everyone who came out had a blast because we had a blast throwing it for you guys! Everything from the mechanical bull, hot tub, jet skis, and booties everywhere called for a successful Saturday afternoon. Until next time!

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Now or Never Guide to WMC ’17

Winter Music Conference is back and you know what that means: Ultra, pool parties galore, house music, and obnoxious tourists (curse those spring breakers). Here at Now or Never we want to make your life easier so that you can weave out the over-saturated and predictable events. Here’s a list of events that will be sure to get you in a good mood and have fun this week!

TUESDAY 03.21.17 

The Love Below featuring Promite @ Electric Pickle – get ready for some cool vibes & cool peeps all night long with your favorites Norma Now & Oh RawkC hosting.


WEDNESDAY 03.22.17 

Noisey Behind The Scenes: Miami – BOAT PARTAAAY. Who doesn’t love a good boat, free food, and free drinks? We sure do! Join us and RSVP through this invite only link, you know we got you!


THURSDAY 03.23.17 

BEST DAY EVER! Norma Now & Yes Julz have teamed up yet again to bring you the livest pool party known to man in the 3-0-5. Cop your tickets now before we sell out at 


Brodinski & Friends is back for another round! Don’t miss out on this cool event featuring Virgil Abloh, Benji B and other awesome peeps only at Bardot! After Best Day Ever head on over to dance the rest of the night away.

Link for tickets!


FRIDAY 03.24.17 

Splash Miami Pool Party at the Shelborne hotel featuring A-Trak, Mija, Mike Russ + more!

Get tickets here:


SATURDAY 03.25.17 

Who hates being sober more than Chief Keef? We might never find out! This Saturday check him out at Hyde Beach behind the SLS hotel!

Link here:


SUNDAY 03.26.17 

What a better way to close out WMC week then with some Hot~n~Fun!? Here at Now Never Inc. we want to leave you with a bang so come on by and dance with us & our special guests as we close  WMC out the right way! F R E E cover and drink specials just for YOU!



Fool’s Gold – Day Off: South Florida


There are few things better than a dope line-up at a concert. This past weekend there was nothing better than Fool’s Gold- Day Off as it did not disappoint. Fools Gold Records rolled into South Florida and showed us a good time! Bringing acts such as Lil Yachty, PlayBoi Carti, Joey Bada$$, Hudson Mohawke, Noreaga, and plenty more, they rocked the stage at Revolution this past Saturday.






Alongside these talented acts we also had some dope DJ’s who kept the party going: A-Trak, Speakerfoxxxx, Danaged Goods, and Ape Drums to name a few.




With that being said, South Florida came out and did what South Florida does best: Have a blast! S/O to Fool’s Gold Record for ending Summer ’16 with a bang.








 If you missed out on this edition of 1AM Vibes, you missed out on an epic night. Norma and Julz successfully turned Wynwood life from an everyday festival to an unforgettable rager. Thank you to the peeps at the festival that accommodated us on such short notice!


DJ Laz started the vibes off with his flare mix of hip-hop/latin sounds. Unfortunately, we did encounter some technical difficulties and some of our DJs could not perform their set. Luckily for us, DJ Jun-iLL (Norma’s partner-in-crime; hashtag Team Now) came in clutch with the vibes for the rest of the night. Also, we had Miami’s very own Zoey Dollaz surprise us with his guest appearance.

laz jun


By the end of the night, Norma was piping it up with crowd and Julz was crowd surfing. Norma’s signature #NOWORNEVER towels were being thrown to the partiers who loved them!  All in all it was a good night and we took Wynwood Life out with a bang. We even saw a heartfelt moment between Norma and Julz at the end! If you want to see actual footage of 1AM Vibes just click the link below shot by @3iVisions!

1AM Vibes with NormaNow and YesJulz

now now1





Recap: Majid Jordan Afterparty 3/22 @ Sidebar

Recap: Majid Jordan Afterparty 3/22 @ Sidebar

After the show it’s the after party and after the party it’s the…. Y’all know the rest. Well this time it was no different. We had OVO’s very own Majid Jordan in the building at Sidebar. The talented duo performed at Bardot as part of their 2016 tour and later hit the streets of Miami to make their way to Sidebar hosted by NormaNow Tuesday night.

Photo Credits: Cristian Rivera on behalf of Bluntiq Magazine.


Thanks to the awesome people at Sidebar there was no cover to come see Majid Jordan at the afterparty. The OVO duo gave Sidebar one for the books as they had it packed and going up on a Tuesday. Jordan even blessed the Downtown crowd with a special DJ set alongside Miami’s very own DZA3000.


Norma and her crowd continue to show the fun that can be had outside of South Beach. Girls were on stage dancing, and we even had it lit on the dancefloor as well. Sidebar gave the city an event where you can be yourself, have genuine fun, and also rub shoulders with dope entertainers.

majiddd majidgirls sidebar sidebar1


Recap: BEST DAY EVER 3/20 #WMC

You might wonder what it takes to create the Best Day Ever. Well it’s really simple because all you need is a rooftop pool, drinks, hot girls, and of course NormaNow & Yesjulz better known as the dynamic duo. Skrt Skrt… move out the way because this past Sunday Dream hotel South Beach was on F L A M E S (even the rain couldn’t put us out!).


normjulz butt1

Thank you to all the DJ’s (Jun-ill, Reid Waters, Kitty Cash, DJ Kittens, and Eccentric Sounds) who kept the vibes going along with a surprise visit from: @MadeInTyo. Every corner you turned you were bound to see a girl twerking to the sounds being played. Oh, and not to mention the dolla bills flying through the air landing on any given booty. At a NormaNow party there is never such a thing as “too cool” because as the music drifted in and out our ears, the people were splashing into the pool (in the rain, might I add). It was definitely a rooftop rendezvous! Along with the amazing music, we also had amazing food. S/o to all the chicken sandwiches & bomb ass fries made along with some Lulu’s delicious nitrogen ice cream to cool down all our sweaty buns!





Nonetheless, what would the Best Day Ever be without all the amazing people that copped tickets and helped us sell out to capacity? It’s safe to call it a lituation when the only thing you can see by the end of the night are beach balls flying, water guns squirting, and people consuming all the liquor. Best Day Ever was a fresh alternative to the typical Ultra festival vibes you get in Miami during Winter Music Conference. So it’s safe to say that we all better rest up for our next Best Day Ever, until next time!

crowd bwc boys1 butt2 prince normandtyo1 pool

1/14: RECREATION Wednesdays @ Rec Room

1/14: RECREATION Wednesdays @ Rec Room

Oh thank heaven. My prayers have been answered as a new party comes to town that combines what I’m all about. Cool kids and power players. My wonderful friend YesJulz has been working undercover to bring these two worlds together and hopefully we’re on to something here. Teaming up with Phil the Mayor from Miami’s most popular parties #LivOnSunday and Story Thursdays – we’re bridging that gap and bring the cool to South Beach. Its RECREATION WEDNESDAY time y’all!

JOIN ME and YesJulz as we bring the rage this Thursday and my beautiful friend ASHLEY OUTRAGOUS is telporting back to Miami just to bring her aura! This Wednesday is totally going to be magical. Holler at me to come thu ;) Make sure your fly! HAHAH. :D

Wednesdays transform into a safe haven for the few. Join us as we celebrate the ushering of a new party concept that combines Downtown cool and South Beach sophisticate, RECREATION Wednesdays, powered by YesJulz and DIEM. It’s all happening at Rec Room at The Gale Hotel with Stevie Williams (Professional Skateboarder) and Ashley Outrageous (Celebrity Blogger) hosting the vibes alongside Atlanta’s own OG MACO (“Bitch You Guessed It?!”). Come hang out with the cool kids at RECREATION Wednesdays, where its all fun & games.

Wednesday January 14th
Rec Room at The Gale Hotel: 1690 Collins Ave (South Beach)
Hosted By: DGK / Pro Skater Stevie Williams & Celebrity Blogger Ashley Outrageous
Special Live Performance by @ogxmaco Hit Single ( U GUESSED IT!! )
Music by : @djironlyon & @aflyguy
11pm – 5am
Powered by: @YesJulz & @diemny
For Table Reservations :